“What Is Here - words and music” is a repository of short to medium length pieces of writing - fiction, poetry and I’m not sure what. I don’t quite know what to call my writing; fiction, squiction, squaction, aphorisophistikvetch, call it what you will. As to the writing I haven’t done yet, I can say nothing about that whatsoever. I have a couple of long form works in progress, but doesn’t everyone?

Music will be here as well, as soon as the builders are out of my studio and I can get back in the place in case you’re reading this STEVE.

Writers who have notably twanged my mind elastic include, non-exhaustively and in no particular order except for the roughly alphabetical:
Samuel Beckett, JL Borges, Richard Brautigan, M Bulgakov, Charles Bukowski, Paul Celan, Tibor Fischer, Alan Garner, N Gogol, Edmond Jabès, Yoram Kaniuk, Etgar Keret, Daniil Kharms, Sarah Manguso, Sàndor Màrai, Kadya Molodowsky, Emanuelle Pagano, R M Rilke, Joseph Roth, WG Sebald, I B Singer… and of course yer man Dos and that other fella, the Czech one begins with K… Despite reading all these fine people my writing remains exactly like the stuff you can read on here, entirely as a result of my own deficiencies.

My music is predominantly contemporary classical fusion utilising various acoustic instruments such as bandoneon, piano, strings and very few or no beats whatsoever.

Despite specialising in Argentinian tango music and having played Klezmer for a long time, my compositions tend to be contemporary classical verging on retro, either beautiful or horrible with not a lot in the middle. I prefer music with dots on the page to that stuff where someone scrapes a toilet brush on a corrugated shed while yodelling through a bucket of porridge, but all respect to those guys who do that sort of great stuff. I’ve done a lot of world music arrangements which are published by Schott Music and others, mainly as a penance.

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Discontent provided from the space behind my forehead in the form of words and/or music... more than this I cannot say at this point. Guaranteed certainty free zone.


Julian Rowlands

Musician, Writer, Luftmensch etc, London UK